4th World Plastic Surgery Congress - Monaco

Our speakers

Our speakers • 4th WPSC 2016

List of speakers and titles of their lectures

Sergio Levy MD – Brazil

Gluteo increase with fat grafts or silicone implants

Gianluigi Bergamaschi Marsella MD - Italy

Tips and tricks in gluteoplasty

Farid Hakme MD - Brazil

Up to Date Facial Surgery

Oscar Carlos Uebel MD - Brazil

The limits of STRIP and FUE techniques

Henry Delmar MD - France

Face Lift: Dual Plane Concept

Arnoldo LOBO MIRÓ MD - Brazil

Why and how I use Polyurethane coated breast implants

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Aris Sterodimas MD - Greece

Lipoabdominoplasty combined with gluteal fat grafting assisted by SEL.

Ricardo Cavalcanti Ribeiro MD - Brazil, Portugal

Buttocks Principles and Indications

Philippe Kestemont MD - France

The difficult neck lift: an anatomical approach

Anita Mandal MD - USA

Avoiding Errors in Facial Volumization

Fabio Fantozzi MD - Italy

Applications of anthropometry in torsoplastic surgery

Volney Pitombo MD - Brazil

Nasal dorsum augmentation

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Beatriz Nicaretta MD - Brazil

Composite Breast Augmentation:Tips & Tricks of silicone implant insertion combined with Stromal Enriched Lipograft

Valter dos Santos MD - Brazil

Profound Peeling

Luiz Carlos Garcia MD - Brazil

The use of pectoral muscle in mammoplasties

Violeta Skorobac Asanin MD – Serbia

Open approach Rhinoplasty or Septorhinoplasty. Necessity of the cartilage grafts.

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Augusta Cardoso MD – Portugal

Modified vertical reductionmammaplasty: Tenyearsofexperience

Domingos Q. De Paola MD – Brazil

The Role of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) in Facial Rejuvenation and Hair Restoration

Angelo Trivisonno MD – Italy

“Peculiarity of the superficial fat”  and  “Personal tecnique in brow lift”

Carlos Alberto Calixto MD - Brasil

Extraction of folicular units: automatic, computerized and robotics in hair transplant.

Maximilian Catenacci MD - Italy

Updates in cheiloplasty: surgical & laser approach

Lina Triana MD - Colombia

“Updating concepts in female plastic surgery”

Hussein S. Abulhassan MD - Egypt

1- oculoplastic concepts for facial rejuvenation2- fat transfer for aging face

Cécile Winter MD - France

The difficult neck lift: an anatomical approach

Kai Sclaudraff MD - Switzerland

B-Lite implants – Update on our experience with the new lightweight breast implants: Female vs mall vasser lipoabdominoplasty – concept method results

Djemal Taher MD - Tunisia

Vertical technique in  huge breasts

Lydia Masako Ferreira MD, PhD - Brazil

Personal approches in facial: based in evidences

Hector VALDES MD - Spain

Technical and practical questions for choose the Antiaging procedure in face

Constantin Stan MD - Romania

Dual gel Experience

Pietro Lorenzetti MD - Italy

Efficacy of combined open temporal brow lift procedure, upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty

Jamal A H Jomah MD - Saudi Arabia

Aesthetic Nasal Dorsal Reconstruction Using Sleeved Micro-Diced Cartilage Graft

Maria Roberta MARTINS - Brazil

Abdominoplasty: Quilting suture

Marcelo ARAUJO MD - Brazil

New concepts when treating the aging face

Augusto VALENTE MD - Brazil

Mastopexy with implants

Yves Saban MD - France

Peri-orbital and mid-face anatomy

João ERFON MD - Brazil

Reduction Mammaplasty in a Single Central Block

HELALI Hayathem MD - Tunisia

Reduction mammaplasty with supero-medially based pedicle: Tunisian experience.

Ioannis Lyras MD – Greece

Τriple plane (2+1) & Quadruplane (2+2)  composite silicone implant and fat grafting holistic personal techniques.

Marcos SFORZA MD - Brazil

The science of breast implants

Marcelo PESSOA MD - Brazil

Augmentation with inferior pedicle + implants.

Carlos Eduardo LEÃO MD - Brazil

My time in hair restoration

Mario PELLE MD - Italy

Periareolar mastopexy with implants: how to carry it out safely and successfully

Moshak SERGEY MD - Russia

Endonasal methods in revision reconstructive rhinoplasty after previous unsatisfactory and «destructive» surgeries

Antonio Paulo PITANGUY MD - Brazil

Marcio LITTLETON MD - Portugal

Transsexuality and Plastic Surgery

Klaus BRUNNERT MD - Germany

My approach in breast surgery after massive weight loss.

Claude LASSUS MD - France

Guilherme MIRANDA De FREITAS MD - Brazil

Versatility of Lipoesculpture in Body Contour Surgery.

Wilson NOVAES MD -Brazil

New Concept in lipoabdominoplasty

Hüseyin KANDULU MD - Turkey

Abdominal liposculpture (Abdominal Etching) for male patient with ultrasound energy (VASER) New Concept in lipoabdominoplasty

Paulo GODOY MD -Brazil

Composite Gluteoplasty

Olga TOLEDO MD - Brazil

Cartilage repositioning for nose tip-the dance with cartilage

Horacio F.MAYER MD - Argentina

Immediate prosthetic breast reconstruction in the previously augmented patient

Marcos GABAS MD - Brazil

Platysmal approach by central percutaneous myotomy and open bilateral suture suspension

André MARANHAO MD - Brazil

Male Chest Deformities after bariatric surgery

Philippe BERROS MD - Monaco

Orbitofacial Rejuvenation by Hyalurostructure and Microlipostructure

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Isabel FIGUEIREDO MD - Brazil

Generating ethically patients on social medias

Cigdem Unal Gulmeden MD - Turkey

Aesthetic concepts in reconstructive breast surgery

Gustavo STOCCHERO MD - Brazil

Neo-omphaloplasty with rectangular flaps in the pos bariatric abdomen

Cristiane TODESCHINI MD - Brazil

Reducing Breast Implants Size. A New concept for modern women