4th World Plastic Surgery Congress - Monaco

Honorary Chairman

Dear Valter, dear colleagues, dear friends,

It is a great honour for me to preside over your 4th World Plastic Surgery Congress that you have organized, in this beautiful Principality.

In the past, I was actively attending your previous conventions in Monaco, of which I’ve kept a marvellous and lasting memory.

Their results were crowned with success, particularly regarding the spread and development of aesthetic-plastic and re-constructive surgery.

As your Congress President, I’m pleased that this 4th Congress once again is taking place in Monaco through the kindness of his Serene Highness Prince Albert II who encourages us to promote plastic surgery throughout the world from his admirable Principality.

This Congress is serving the longstanding international relations between Brazil and Monaco.

As you know, while my career, which primarily is oriented towards a humanistic application of medicine means so much to me, it is dedicated to mankind. My research has been specifically motivated by this useful and educational approach.

Our commitment to research and development as responsible practitioners can only improve the total care of our patients and result in a total respect for mankind.

Therefore, I would like to support this new initiative of the 4th Congress and especially involve myself in our work, knowing how much it will benefit our world society in the third millennium.


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Farid, Hakme MD – Brazil & Valter, Dos Santos MD – Brazil